Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Identifying and ranking the barriers of using of Internet of Things in healthcare domain in Iran from perceptions of experts    Ph.D    Dadkhah, Mehdi    2018-12-10
2    Investigating the effect of individualism, social trust and self-efficacy on intention to share knowledge through the mediating role of attitude towards knowledge sharing the case of the Khorasan Electric Industrial Company    M.Sc.    hedaiativahid, mona    2018-11-17
3    Designing a research excellence model to evaluate university research performance (Case study of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    pooryazdian, mahdi    2018-10-16
4    Identifying the cyber loafers’ individual characteristics and investigating its and job satisfaction moderating role on the relation beteween job embeddedness and cyber-loafing behaviors    Ph.D    Karimi Mazidi, AhmadReza    2018-09-17
5    Investigating the effects of perceptions of knowledge sharing on employees innovative performance with the moderating role of social capital ( case study: part lastic industrial group)    M.Sc.    alamdaran, zahra    2018-07-10
6    A Phenomenographic Study of Conceptions of Privacy in Big data of E-health in Iran    Ph.D    Mehrshad, Batool    2018-07-04
7    Explanation and cognotion of big data’s barriers and drivers in development of Iran’s electronic government with design science approach    Ph.D    Judi, elham    2018-05-22
8    Investigating the effect of Antecedents, mechanisms, and consequences in the supply chain risk information processing system: The case of Iran Khodro Co    M.Sc.    ZARENEYSHABORI, MAEDEH    2018-05-15
9    .Investigating the effect of virtual social networks on employee’s job performance through role organizational commitment and job satisfaction in the Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Co    M.Sc.    Behnood, Reza    2018-05-01
10    Developing Equilibrium Model for the Evolutionary Information Dissemination in a Social Network Using the Game Theory Approach    Ph.D    hesari, mohammad reza    2018-04-17
11    An Study of Prioritization Factors Affecting the Formation of Electronic Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty to Purchase Virtual networks    M.Sc.    tofigh tabrizi, elahe    2018-04-10
12    Designing a Strategic Business Intelligence Model for Strategy Development using self-Adaptive and Learner System in Iranian Banking Industry (Case Study of Agricultural Bank)    Ph.D    Bekamiri, Hamid    2018-02-13
13    Designing a Recommender System: As a Solution for Evaluating the Level of Alignment Maturity of Information Systems and Business Processes    Ph.D    GANJI BIDMESHK, OLFAT    2018-01-10
14    Investigation of personalization on customer perception of electronic educational services with customer loyalty mediation    M.Sc.    Saadatian, Saeed    2018-01-02
15    Investigating the impact of Social Media Capability on Selection of Study Field and Suitable University through Higher Education Marketing (The Case of Iraqi Students in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Alimari, Saleemah Najm Abdullah    2017-12-12
16    Identifying Behavioral and Personality Characteristics of Knowledge Workers Affective in Success of knowledge Management And Analysing the Importance-Performance of Factors in Research And Development departments in Mashhad Companies    Ph.D    Shaarbaf, Ahmad    2017-10-17
17    Designing a Model for Development of Internet of Things Technology: As an Enabler for Sustainable Development    Ph.D    Ghaffari, Kimia    2017-07-01
18    Study of the factors affecting the acceptance of electronic registration system demand for electricity branch subscribers using UTAUT and categorizing them using IPA    M.Sc.    davoodi rezvani, freshteh    2017-04-30
19    Designing the behavioral model of employees internet use in public sector, Using grounded theory    Ph.D    ho, mohamad hosin    2017-01-17
20    The Effect of Effective Factors on Admission of E-Learning with the Role of Mediation Student Satisfaction (Case Study: Students of Karbala University)    M.Sc.    Aljawdah, Mayasah    2016-12-27
21    The effect on the performance of customer-oriented business Mashhad room with mediating role of service quality and customer lifetime value by BSC    M.Sc.    Ghorbanbeygi, Mohammad amin    2016-12-20
22    Identifying and analyzing perceived malfunctions of communication in the Development and improvment of Organizational talents, and studying its relationship with career anchors (The case of staffs of government organizations in North Khorasan province)    Ph.D    khani, davood    2016-12-20
23    E-readiness assessment Diwaniyah, Iraq municipalities to provide electronic services    M.Sc.    TALIB ABDULKADHIM, BAQER    2016-12-06
24    Exploring jahad-e-sazandegi's volunteer management model    Ph.D    Zohurian, Meisam    2016-10-19
25    Collaborative planning framework for “Strategic Water Management” by synthesis of internal and foreign practices    Ph.D    Salarian, Mohammad    2016-10-08
26    Investigating the effect of strategic knowledge and structural power of chief information officers on organizational performance mediated by Enterprise system assimilation (The case of government organizations in Khorasan Razavi province)    M.Sc.    noruzinik, yasaman    2016-09-13
27    Investigating Effects of E-CRM on customer-bank Relationship quality:Case study:customers of keshavarzi bank of mashhad    M.Sc.    mehranpoor, nadiyeh    2016-06-28
28    Exploring the perception of technology power on interpersonal communications (The case of Payam-e-Noor University of Khorasan-e-Razavi)    Ph.D    khaleghi, hossein    2016-06-12
29    Designing the model of Customer Knowledge Management based on multi-agent approach in Iranian Banks    Ph.D    farmani, feryal    2016-06-12
30    Examining Effective Factors On Adoption Of Electronic Tax Operating Systems By Using The Social Coginitive Theory (Tax Payers Of Tax Administration Of Khorasan Razavi Province)    M.Sc.    Yousefpour, Afsaneh    2016-06-07
31    Factors affecting technology adoption and its impact on the intended use of e-services among health tourism in Mashhad, Razavi Hospital    M.Sc.    taghavi sabzevari, seyede farima    2016-05-17
32    Investigating the trust and its effect through perceived risk on intention of using electronic government    M.Sc.    hosseini, sajjad    2016-05-03
33    Extraction of customer profitability function with genetic algorithm and customer clustering    M.Sc.    Edalati, Adeleh    2016-05-01
34    The effect of IT capabilities on the innovative performance-brokered entrepreneurship and the moderator of the intensity of competition (Case Study: Companies active in the industrial city of Mashhad Birch)    M.Sc.    faramarzi rad, morteza    2016-04-26
35    Investigating the effect of Transformational leadership on employee creativity Mediating role of creative self-efficacy and moderating role of knowledge sharing    M.Sc.    khabiri, mohammad    2016-04-19
36    Presenting a Conceptual Model of Effective Factors in Establishing Knowledge Management in Project-based Organizations (Case Study: Fulmen Company)    M.Sc.    Saeedi, Najmeh    2016-04-12
37    Investigating factors affecting the readiness of Mashhad Water and Wastewater Company on Implementing Knowledge Management    M.Sc.    talebi, hashem    2016-03-01
38    Designing a cloud base E-HRM adoption model in knowledge base SME’s    Ph.D    Azhdary, Golnaz    2016-02-29
39    Identifying and ranking of critical success factors in business process management projects using Fuzzy AHP technique. Case Study : Housing Investment company (North East)    M.Sc.    javidhosseini, seyed mostafa    2016-02-02
40    Investigating the factors affecting the desire to use of hospital information systems by nurses (The case of: Taleghani Educational Research and Treatment Center of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    nezami, setareh    2016-02-02
41    Investigating the effect of knowledge management on CRM success through the mediating role of organizational factors in 3- 4- and 5-star hotels of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Mazloom, Azadeh    2016-01-12
42    The Impact of Perceived Organizational Levers on Innovation in Information Systems with the Mediating Role of Individual Absorptive Capacity    M.Sc.    zarqi, marzie    2015-11-24
43    Investigating The effect of trust in ISs outsourcing projects success By sharing knowledge (case of study: Mashhad toos industrial town companies)    M.Sc.    abbas abadi, firoozeh    2015-09-27
44    Investigative of the effects of project management information systems quality on project success by success model of IS(Delone & Mclean) –Study on: Water & Waste water co.    M.Sc.    fatoorechi, maryam    2015-09-14
45    The effect of customer satisfaction on customer repurchase intention through trust and loyalty of customers in Mashhad reputable online shops    M.Sc.    ندارم, ندارم    2015-09-12
46    Investigating the readiness of Karbala’s banks in implementing e-Customer Relationship Management    M.Sc.    ISAM JAMEEL, RAWAA    2015-07-05
47    Investigating the impact of electronic word of the mouth on Purchase Intention by moderating role of brand image (case study : Customers smart phone)    M.Sc.    raouf khosh fetrat, ehsan    2015-06-27
48    Investigating the impact of mobile banking perceived ease of use and usability on customer's loyalty through the mediating role of trust(case of Mashhad Pasargad bank customers)    M.Sc.    Rafatpanah Baygi, Afshin    2015-05-12
49    The Effect of E-Service Quality on Customers Coninued Usage of E-Government Services via Trust (Active brokerage firms in Tehran Stock Exchange)    M.Sc.    piraham, alie    2015-05-05
50    Investigating the effect of job attitudes on knowledge sharing, whith mediating role of organisational citizenship behaviour    M.Sc.    hooshyar, atieh    2015-04-14
51    Examining the role of relationship marketing on Iran hotel customer loyalty with mediating role of quality relationship    M.Sc.    Assadzadeh Mojaver, Sasan    2015-04-14
52    Study of Critical Factors for E-invoice Service Adoption Customer (Case of Study: Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Company)    M.Sc.    naderi, narges    2015-04-07
53    Understanding social workers’ perceptions of managers’ behaviors in relation to the social workers’ extra-role behaviors in Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation    Ph.D    pour, samira    2015-03-11
54    Analysis of the Destination Image to Improve the Satisfaction of Tourists: Case of Mashhad City    M.Sc.    Anzanpour, Arian    2015-03-09
55    Examining the effect of internal marketing orientation due to mediating role of external market capabilities on the organizational performance and moderator role of network ties (the cace of: mashhad hotels)    M.Sc.    Safayi Movahhed, Abolfazl    2015-02-24
56    A Map from Intellectual Capital based on Complexity Theory (Case Study: Supreme Audit Court)    Ph.D    salehnia, monireh    2015-02-23
57    Exploring managers and talents’ perception of talent retention factors inYazd textile industry    Ph.D    shahvazian, solaleh    2015-02-08
58    Designing business Intelligence Base on Research Data Ontology (Case study: Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Raoufnezhad, Marzieh    2014-12-09
59    the effect of market orientation as mediator to strategic planning practices and performance relationship.    M.Sc.    shobeiri, leila    2014-10-29
60    Investigation on effects of electronic participation value variables on citizen participation in local governance(citizen of zone 9th of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Dokhanchi, Farnaz    2014-10-01
61    Examining the impact of antecedents and dimensions of relationship marketing on Postgraduate students' loyalty to the Ferdowsi university of Mashhad International campus with mediating variable of reputation.    M.Sc.    Delavar, Shayli    2014-09-25
62    Optimizing Cost – Time – Quality trade-off in Construction project management under influence of material and labor selection    M.Sc.    alikhanzadeh, vahid    2014-09-15
63    Evaluating the Success of Enterprise Resource Planning Based on the Model of Chein and Tsaur    M.Sc.    shahin senowbari, mohammad reza    2014-09-11
64    Investigating the mediating role of perceived risk in relation between consumer innovation and trust in the use of internet banking    M.Sc.    ghaffarian, marzieh    2014-07-06
65    Investigating the effect of the CIO's roles and responsibilities in E-government development Khorasan Razavi Power Industry)    M.Sc.    Tabrizi, Arezou    2014-07-06
66    An empirical study of Customers’ Perception of Electronic Commerce Implementation in Steel Industry (Case of Study: Toos Steel Co.)    M.Sc.    boskabadi, amin    2014-07-02
67    Impact of technology acceptance model on online brand experience and Online brand relationship    M.Sc.    Saadatmand, Zahra    2014-06-10
68    Using Q-methodology in identification and grouping customers requests in Kansei engineering    M.Sc.    nasiraei, amir    2014-06-03
69    Strategy alignment between HRM, KM, and corporate strategy and its influence on KM effectiveness (The case of manufacturing firms in Toos industrial estate)    M.Sc.    Mardani, Somayeh    2014-06-03
70    Investigating the impact of work engagement on innovative behavior of IT experts: the mediating role of knowledge sharing behavior    M.Sc.    Jahangir, Mostafa    2014-05-06
71    Measurement the factors affecting on acceptance of ECRM systems    M.Sc.    Javadzadeh Tabatabaei, Javad    2014-05-05
72    examining the effect of perceived service quality on home airline passengers dedication (the meditation role of customer satisfaction)    M.Sc.    Rashidi Toroghi, Fahimeh    2014-05-05
73    An Evaluation Of Organization Steps In Business Understanding Phase For Implementing Data Mining Projects ( Case Study: Alis Company)    M.Sc.    fakhrieh, marzieh    2014-04-29
74    An Investigation Of Affecting Factors On Telework Adoption ( the Case Study of Astan Quds Razavi )    M.Sc.    ghasemi, azar    2014-03-11
75    IT    M.Sc.    Shegofteh aghkariz, Hamed    2014-01-29
76    investigating the factors affecting the acceptance of goverments back- office courters e-service as the servies channel in mashhad city    M.Sc.    pourbagheri, mahmood    2013-12-02
77    investigation of feasibility of the establishment knowledge management in higher education    M.Sc.    nessari, shideh    2013-11-11
78    Exploring and follower\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\    Ph.D    mohamadzadeh, zahra    2013-09-09
79    Understanding the content of psychological contracts between customers and services organizations in the context of relationship marketing    Ph.D    Rajabipoor Meybodi, Alireza    2013-09-09
80    Evaluating the Impact of Social Capital on Knowledge Manangment in the Municipality of Robatkarim.    M.Sc.    eskandari rad, azam    2013-07-09
81    survey effect transaction trust on e_commerce relationships between travel agencies    M.Sc.    sadeghifar, mohammad    2013-06-09
82    investigating of readiness for implementing knowledge management in khorassan razavi telecommunication company.    M.Sc.    bagherpour, sareh    2013-06-09
83    an investigation of the factors affecting individuals knowledge sharing behavior    M.Sc.    MEHDIZADEH, RAHIM    2013-06-09
84    The investigating of the mediating role of human resource management practices on the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and performance of manufacturing firms in Yazd Province    M.Sc.    mousavi zade, sid mojtaba    2013-06-09
85    Design and explaining model of strategic human resource management in the Khorasan Regional Electricity Company (KREC)    Ph.D    Shahbeiki, Mohammad Mahdi    2013-05-14
86    Proposing and examine a model of determining executives information requirement in public sector (Case study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    MILANI FARD, OMID    2013-05-07
87    An Investigation on the role of organizational capabilities in creating value for the customer (Case Study: branches Managers of Mehr eghtesad Khorasan banks)    M.Sc.    DEHNAVI, MOHAMMAD HASAN    2013-05-07
88    Investigating mediating role of corporate social responsibility in the relationship between market orientation and organizational performance (case of: Mashhad hotels)    M.Sc.    moshtaghi yazdi nejad, marzieh    2013-05-07
89    Psychological capital, as an \\\\    Ph.D    saghravani, sima    2013-04-22
90    An Investigation on Drivers and Barriers in applying an integrated enterprise resource planning systems for manufacturing companies from the perspective of managers    M.Sc.    kafshkanan, reza    2013-04-16
91    The Impact of Organizational Culture and Structure on Organizational Effectiveness: Mediating role of Knowledge Management    M.Sc.    sadeghian, samane    2013-04-16
92    Ranking E-readiness of 13 areas in mashhad municipality based on TOPSIS method    M.Sc.    Alikhani, Shima    2013-04-09
93    An investigation of barriers effecting on Physically Handicapped access to e-government services    M.Sc.    imani tehrani, fateme    2013-04-09
94    Surveying the effect of implementing expert and integrated sale system In terms of capillary distribution procces over sale\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s amount (Shahsavand Company)    M.Sc.    Mohandes, Hamid Reza    2013-03-30
95    The Impacts of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance with the Mediating role of Customer Relationship Management and Innovation (Case of Study; Shiraz’ Private Banks)    M.Sc.    Najafi, Milad    2013-02-19
96    The Effect of Privatization on Firm Effciency Using Data Envelopment Analysis (Case Study Mashhad Telecom )    M.Sc.    Kazemi, Mahsa    2013-02-19
97    Evalution of barriers and strategies to the development of electronic services to citizens, from the perspective of urban managers (case study: municipality of Mashhad).    M.Sc.    ghasemi adkan, fatemeh    2013-02-03
98    Studying the Effect of Advertising Value on Consumers Attitude toward Mobile Advertising by Considering the Concept of Privacy Concerns    M.Sc.    beheshti, behnoosh    2012-10-30
99    An Investigation of the security and privacy effects on the trust and commitment in internet banking    M.Sc.    shahrokhi fakhrabad, zinat    2012-10-30
100    perceptions of academics and industrial experts to the barriers of knowledge transfer in university – industry interaction    M.Sc.    Gholami, Marzieh    2012-10-30
101    The role of cultural barriers in the relationship between open-mindedness and organizational innovation    M.Sc.    mollaei, zahra    2012-09-29
102    customer satisfaction, behavior intention, internet service quality    M.Sc.    taherpourkalantary, arezoo    2012-06-25
103    Effect of physical aspects of security through the use of electronic payment systems, customer perceptions of security and trust    M.Sc.    allahyari, meysam    2012-06-20
104    Investigating the moderating role of personal characteristics and critical incident on the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty    M.Sc.    bavanati, sareh    2012-03-11
105    Presenting the behavioral decision making model of the investors of khorasan razavi    Ph.D    ghayour, morteza    2012-03-02
106    Effective Factors On Intention To Adopt Banking Recommender System By Employees Working In Bank    M.Sc.    gol mohammadi, mohammad    2011-12-13
107    E-readiness Assessment for Implementing E-city (Case study Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Afsharzadeh, RaoufehSadat    2011-10-10
108    Identifying the enablers of information risks mitigation in supply chains and modeling them through ISM    M.Sc.    Mirzaei, Amir    2011-09-21
109    Proposing and Investigating a model for Organizational Intelligence in Iranian Universities (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad case study)    Ph.D    Malekzadeh, Gholam Reza    2011-07-27
110    The impact of e-government on realization of good governance in government agencies of Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    behpour, elham    2011-06-21
111    The intermediary role of internet service quality between relational Internet marketing strategie and customer trust(the case of mashhad travel agencies)    M.Sc.    amini, marjan    2011-05-24
112    Evaluation of effective factors on acceptance of E-Government services by users through use of UTAUT model for Ferdowsi University students    M.Sc.    Rajabzadeh, Mohsen    2011-05-14
113    The institutionalization of knowledge transfer activities within industry–university collaborative ventures    M.Sc.    sadri, nahid    2010-12-15
114    A phenomenographic study of experts perceptions of marketing concepts in public sector    M.Sc.    bakhshi, fateme    2010-12-04
115    The effect of investment in information technology on the firm’s performance via the capabilities of information technology    M.Sc.    Ghazizadeh Ehsaie, Narjes    2010-11-09
116    recognition of affecting the capability of knowledge infrastructure on Knowledge management process    M.Sc.    kiarazm, amene    2010-11-09
117    A survey about interaction between land-use management & urban transport & traffic situation.(Case study:Almas-e-shargh Commercial Center)    M.Sc.    asadi, mahdieh    2010-09-19
118    investigating the effect of service quality perceived by shareholders via satisfaction and trust variables on loyalty in mashhad stock brokerages    M.Sc.    naderzadeh ostad, ashraf    2010-06-29
119    Identifying of factors affecting adoption readiness of ERP by using FUZZY AHP: the case of Municipality of Mashhad    M.Sc.    sadeghimoghaddam, masoome    2010-06-15
120    Investigating the Contribution of the Factors Affecting the Online Shopping of Train Tickets: (Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    alsabri, basheer    2010-06-08
121    Effect of information quality result from human resources accounting system in effectiveness of ....    M.Sc.    ,    2008-12-16
122    The effects of relationship quality and switching barriers on Irancell customer loyalty in Mashhad    M.Sc.    nazari, pouya    0000-00-00